About Us


Porten’s on 15th is an independent small business owned by Joe & Michele Porten of Speedway, Indiana.  We make hand poured, small batch candles in our home studio using 100% soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

We started a few years ago as a hobby and quickly became passionate with the art of candle making.  Friends and family became our “testers” and they too fell in love with our candles.  That was the spark that gave us the idea we were onto something.  It is cool starting a business making something you genuinely enjoy.  Burning candles instantly elevates the ambiance of any occasion.  We love how the fragrance can evoke great memories from childhood, holidays, vacations, or that record store you spent hours browsing in.  

Our Porten’s on 15th logo design is inspired by our 1926 craftsman-style home located in historic Old Town Speedway, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We are deeply rooted to our home that has been in our family for 40+ years, and our great town of Speedway, Indiana.

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Joe and Michele Porten

"Light a candle, turn up the music, and smile!"